Dickson County (022)

Historic Markers Across Tennessee


Dickson County was created on 1803.

The county seat is in Charlotte, TN.,
and the county is 490 sq mi Square Miles in area.

The State Division number is 3 and the County Group is E.

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  FIPS Code: 47043

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There are 17 Historic Markers in Dickson County.

Birth of A Church   -   THC 3E 8
  U.S. 70, Dickson County, west of Montgomery Bell State Park, Burns, TN        

Camp Gillem - Gillem Station   -    
  210 Ferbee Road, Dickson, TN        

Civil War In Charlotte - "Marauding gangs of Freebooters"   -    
  on the southeast corner of the Dickson County Courthouse, Charlotte, TN        

Civil War Railroad - Mile Post 42 / Smeedsville Station   -    
  on Frank Clement Place west of Center Avenue (Tennessee Route 48), Dickson, TN        

Cumberland Furnace Iron Plantation   -   THC 3E 16
  TN 48N, Dickson County, in Cumberland Furnace        

Cumberland Iron Works   -   THC 3E 4
  TN 48, Dickson County, at Cumberland Furnace        

Dickson - Cheatham County Line   -   THC 3C 1

Fighting for Freedom - Promise Land Civil War Heroes   -    
  707 Promise Land Road, Charlotte, TN        

Frank Goad Clement   -   THC 3E 13
  100 Clement Place, Dickson, TN        

Harpeth Shoals - Hazardous Navigation   -    
  1190 Dozier Boat Dock Road, Charlotte, TN        

Irish Shanty - Only Boiling Eggs   -    
  210 Ferbee Road, Dickson, TN        

James Worley   -   THC 3E 15
  Dickson County, Old Furnace Road        

Mile Post 42 - The U.S. Military Railroad   -    
  on Frank Clement Place west of Center Avenue (Tennessee Route 48), Dickson, TN        

Promise Land   -   THC 3E 17
  Dickson County, Promise Land Road, 48N out of Charlotte. TN        

Robert Nesbitt   -   THC 3E 9
  TN 49, Dickson County, west of Barton's Creek        

Ruskin Cave   -   THC 3E 7
  U.S. 70, Dickson County, at Tennessee City        

The Old Log House   -   THC 3E 11
  in Montgomery Bell State Park, Burns, TN        


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.