Franklin County (026)

Historic Markers Across Tennessee


Franklin County was created on 1807.

The county seat is in Winchester, TN.,
and the county is 553 sq mi Square Miles in area.

The State Division number is 2 and the County Group is E.

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  FIPS Code: 47051

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There are 31 Historic Markers in Franklin County.

"Kentuck"   -   THC 2E 32
  on U.S. 64 0.2 miles west of Walnut Grove Road, Belvidere, TN        

Albert Smith Marks ~ 1836-1891   -   THC 2E 62
  U.S. 64, Franklin County, approach to Winchester, TN        

Allan Gipson 1803~1896   -   THC 2E 66
  on Midway Rd at Pinetree RTd.,  Sewanee, TN         

Army of Tennessee - July 4, 1863   -   THC 2E 21
  on Tennessee Route 64, Sewanee, TN        

Built 1914 - Winchester City Hall   -    
  Winchester City Hall , 7 S High St, Winchester, TN 3        

Camp Harris   -   THC 2E 48
  on South Main Street (Tennessee Route 41-A), Estill Springs, TN        

Captain Samuel Handly   -   THC 2E 77
  at the intersection of U.S. 64 and Kasserman Road, Winchester, TN        

Carrick Academy   -   THC 2E 26
  US 64, Franklin County, in Winchester, Clark Memorial High School        

Colonel James Lewis   -    
  at the intersection of 1st Avenue SE (Business U.S. 64) and South Jefferson Street, Winchester, TN        

Cowan Railroad Museum   -   THC 2E 78
  at the intersection of Cumberland Street West (U.S. 41A) and Front Street South, Cowan, TN        

Edmund Kirby Smith ~ May 16, 1824 – March 28, 1893   -    
  on University Ave., Sewanee, TN        

Falls Mill   -   THC 2E 33
  is at the intersection of Route 64 and Old Salem Lexie Rd, Belvidere, TN        

First United Church, U.C.C   -   THC 2E 70
  on Belvidere-Kasserman Swich Road, Winchester, TN        

Franklin - Coffee County Line   -   THC 2E 19

Franklin - Marion County Line   -   THC 2E 18

Goshen Cumberland Presbyterian Church   -   THC 2E 57
  U.S. 64, Franklin County, about 4 miles east of Winchester, TN        

Isham G. Harris   -   THC 2E 11
  at the intersection of State Highway 130, and Turkey Creek Dr., Tullahoma, TN        

James Winchester (1752 - 1826)   -   DAR 
  on South Jefferson Street near Dinah Shore Boulevard (Tennessee Highway 16), Winchester, TN        

Jesse Bean   -   THC 2E 30
  at the intersection of U.S. 64 and Old Salem Lexie Road, Belvidere TN        

John Ruch   -   THC 2E 20
  on U.S. 64, Belvidere, TN        

Mary Sharp College   -   THC 2E 28
  on South College Street, Winchester, TN        

Mary Sharp College   -    
  on South College Street (U.S. 41) near 3rd Avenue SE, Winchester, TN        

Passing Through Cowan   -    
  108 Front St S, Cowan, TN        

Peter Turney   -   THC 2E 10
  is on Cowan Highway (U.S. 41), at Bypass Road, Winchester, TN        

Polly Finlay Crockett   -   THC 2E 31
  on U.S. 64 justnorth of Maxwell Road, Belvidere, TN        

Rebel's Rest   -   THC 2E 55
  on University Avenue, Sewanee, TN        

Secession   -   THC 2E 27
  on Tennessee Street (Tennessee Route 16), Winchester, TN        

The Blind Knight   -   THC 2E 9
  on U.S. 64, Winchester, TN        

Tullahoma Campaign ~ Anatomy of a Campaign   -    
  108 Front St S, Cowan, TN        

Tullahoma Campaign ~ Philip Henry Sheridan   -    
  108 Front St S, Cowan, TN        

University of the South   -   THC 2E 8
  on University Avenue, Sewanee, TN        


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.