Gibson County (027)

Historic Markers Across Tennessee


Gibson County was created on 1823.

The county seat is in Trenton, TN.,
and the county is 603 sq mi Square Miles in area.

The State Division number is 4 and the County Group is B.

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  FIPS Code: 47053

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There are 20 Historic Markers in Gibson County.

C.S.A. Camp Trenton   -   THC 4B 39
  t the intersection of U.S. 45W and Old Dyersburg Road, Trenton, TN        

David Crockett   -    
  110 W. Court Sq., Trenton , TN        

David Crockett's Last Home   -   THC 4B 27
  219 North Trenton Street, Rutherford, TN        

Female Collegiate Institute - Freed House   -    
  On E Eaton St (TN 104), east of N Paradise Ave in Trenton, TN        

Fighting for Trenton — Forrest’s First West Tennessee Raid —   -    
  at the intersection of Eaton Street (Tennessee Route 104, 77) and College Street (U.S. 45), Trenton, TN        

First United Methodist Church   -   THC 4B 38
  200 N 12th Avenue, Humboldt, TN        

Forrest at Trenton   -   THC 4B 8
  on West Eaton Street (Tennessee Route 104), Trenton, TN        

Forrest's Raid - Dec. 20, 1862   -   THC 4B 15
  on East Main Street (U.S. 45 W), Humboldt ,TN        

Forrest's Raid - Dec. 21, 1862   -   THC 4B 17
  U.S. 45W, Gibson County, south of Rutherford        

Forrest's Raid - Dec. 21, 1862   -   THC 4B 18
  at the intersection of South Poplar Street (U.S. 45W) and West Church Street, Kenton, TN        

Forrest's Raid - Dec. 21, 1862   -   THC 4B 29
  U.S. 45W , Gibson County, in Dyer        

Gibson - Carroll County Line   -   THC 4A 17
  on US 70A at Cades Atwood Rd, Atwood, TN        

Gibson - Obion County Line   -   THC 4B 5
  On S Poplar St (US 45W) at Church St., Kenton, TN        

Gibson - Weakley County Line   -   THC 4A 6

Gibson County Courthouse   -   THC 4B 35
  at the intersection of Eaton Street (Tennessee Route 104, 77) and South College Street (Tennessee Route 367), Trenton, TN        

Gibson County Training School / Polk - Clark School ~ 1926 - 1970   -   THC 4B 36
  at the intersection of Harris Street and West Jackson Street, Milan, TN        

Mount Zion   -   THC 4B 30
  125 Mount Zion Road, Medina, TN        

Rebecca Hawkins Crockett   -   THC 4B 20
  321 S. Trenton Street, Rutherford, TN        

Samuel Cole Williams   -   THC 4B 21
  at the intersection of South Central Avenue and Barrow Street, Humbold,t TN        

Trenton First United Methodist Church   -    
  on E College St at E 4th St in Trenton, TN        


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.