Hamblen County (032)

Historic Markers Across Tennessee


Hamblen County was created on 1870.

The county seat is in Morristown, TN.,
and the county is 161 sq mi Square Miles in area.

The State Division number is 1 and the County Group is B.

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  FIPS Code: 47063

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There are 30 Historic Markers in Hamblen County.

Barton's Spring   -   THC 1B 41
  U.S. 11 E, Hamblen County, 3 miles west of Russellville, TN        

Bend of Chuckey   -   THC 1B 29
  U.S. 25E, Hamblen County, 3 miles south of Morristown, TN        

Bent Creek Baptist Church   -    
  1450 Silver City Rd, Whitesburg, TN        

Bent Creek Church   -   THC 1B 28
  on E Andrew Johnson Highway (U.S. 11), Whitesburg, TN        

Bethesda Presbyterian Church - A Church Divided   -    
  on Bethesda Road, Russellville, TN        

Caught in the Crossfire   -    
  at the intersection of North Jackson Str and W First N St (Route 66), Morristown, TN        

Cheek's Crossroads   -   THC 1B 36
  on E Andrew Johnson Highway (U.S. 11), Morristown, TN        

Colonel Robert McFarland   -   THC 1B 65
  On Enka Hwy south of Springvale Rd, Morristown, TN        

Conestoga Wagon   -    
  at the Crockett Tavern Museum, Morningside Drive, Morristown, TN        

Crockett Tavern   -   THC 1B 9
  is at the intersection of Morningside Drive and Ridgelawn Avenue, Morristown, TN        

David Crockett – A Tennessee Legacy   -    
  at the Crockett Tavern Museum, Morningside Drive, Morristown, TN        

Hamblen - Grainger County Line   -   THC 1B 39

Hamblen - Greene County Line   -   THC 1B 12

Hamblen - Hawkins County Line   -   THC 1B 52
  on E Andrew Johnson Hwy (US 11 E), east of Beck Ln, Whitesburg, TN        

Hawkins - Hamblen County Line   -   THC 1B 42
  on E Andrew Johnson Hwy (US 11 E), east of Beck Ln, Whitesburg, TN        

Hayslope   -   THC 1B 27
  on E Andrew Johnson Highway (U.S. 11), Russellville, TN        

Longstreet's Billet   -   THC 1B 30
  at the intersection of E Andrew Johnson Highway (U.S. 11) and Depot Street, Russellville, TN        

Longstreet's Headquarters - A Cold Command   -    
  on Andrew Johnson Highway (U.S. 11-E), Russellville, TN        

Morris Cemetery   -   THC 1B 42
  S Cumberland Street at Louise Ave., Morristown, TN        

Morristown College   -   THC 1B 56
  N Cumberland Street at Cherokee Dr., Morristown, TN        

Muster Ground   -   THC 1B 33
  U.S. 11E, Hamblen County, in Russellville, TN        

Old Stage Road   -   THC 1B 35
  U.S. 11E, Hamblen County, between Russellville and Whitesburg        

Panther Springs   -   THC 1B 37
  at the intersection of Old Highway 11-E (Tennessee Route 11E) and Panther Creek Road, Morristown, TN        

Return From Kentucky   -   THC 1B 54
  on N Davy Crockett Pkwy (US 25E) just north of Reeds Chapel Rd., Morristown, TN        

Riggs Tavern   -   THC 1B 32
  U.S. 11E Hamblen County, Russellville        

Russellville Area - From Bridge to Bridge   -    
  near the gate for Bethesda Cemetery, about 700 yards north of Andrew Johnson Highway (US 11E), Russellville, TN        

Shield's Paper Mill   -   THC 1B 31
  U.S. 25E, Hamblen County, south end of Cherokee Lake Bridge        

St. Paul Presbyterian Church Lowland   -    
  4540 St. Paul Road, Lowland, TN        

Tidence Lane ~ 1724-1806   -    
  on Whiteburg Pike, north of Whitesburg, TN        

Welcome to the Overlook at Panther Creek State Park   -    
  on an overlook on Panther Creek Road, Morristown, TN        


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.