Hawkins County (037)

Historic Markers Across Tennessee


Hawkins County was created on 1786.

The county seat is in Rogersville, TN.,
and the county is 487 sq mi Square Miles in area.

The State Division number is 1 and the County Group is B.

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  FIPS Code: 47073

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There are 37 Historic Markers in Hawkins County.

Alexander Peter Stewart   -   THC 1B 48
  on N Church St. north of Main St., Rogersville, TN        

Amis House   -   THC 1B 6
  East Main Street east of Park Blvd., Rogersville, TN        

Big Creek Skirmish ~ November 6, 1863   -   THC 1B 22
  U.S. 11W, Hawkins County, 2.2 miles east of Rogersville        

Carter's Store   -   THC 1B 4
  on Lee Hwy. (US 11W) west of Old Union Ave., Church Hill, TN        

Chisholm's Ford   -   THC 1B 21
  U.S. 11W, Hawkins County, 1 mile west of Junction with U.S. 70        

Clay-Kenner House   -    
  intersection of East Main St and Clay St, Rogersville, TN        

Dodson's Ford   -   THC 1B 25
  TN 70, Hawkins County, bridge over Holston River        

Fighting in Hawkins County   -    
  Long Bend Rd 0.1 miles south of Main St (TN Route 346), Surgoinsville, TN        

First Settlers   -   THC 1B 15
  U. S. 11 W, Hawkins County, 3 miles west of Sullivan County line        

Gov. McMinn's Home   -   THC 1B 13
  U.S. 11W, Hawkins County, opposite site of Oak Well        

Great Indian War Path   -   THC 1B 5
  Highway 11W at Whispering Oaks Dr., Rogersville, TN        

Hawkins - Greene County Line   -   THC 1C 7
  116 W. McKee St, Greeneville, TN        

Hawkins - Sullivan County Line   -   THC 1A 2

Hawkins County Milestone   -    
  intersection of East Main St and TN Route 347, Rogersville, TN        

Hezekiah Hamblen   -   THC 1B 19
  on Lee Hwy. (US 11) north of Cardinal Dr., Rogersville, TN        

Indian Boundary   -   THC 1B 20
  U.S. 11W, Hawkins County, 6 miles west of Rogersville        

James Robertson   -   THC 1B 23
  U.S. 11W, Hawkins County, 1 mile west of junction with U.S. 70        

Maxwell Academy   -   THC 1B 63
  on US 11 north of Stoney Point Rd., Surgoinsville, TN        

Michael Looney   -   THC 1B 49
  U.S. 11W, Hawkins County, at Rural Road 2366 Tennessee, Rogersville, TN        

Mitchell's Hollow   -   THC 1B 24
  U.S. 11W, Hawkins County, 1 mile northwest of Yellow Store        

Mulberry Grove   -   THC 1B 34
  U.S. 11W, Hawkins County, near Mooresburg        

New Providence Church   -   THC 1B 17
  on US 11 north of Stoney Point Rd., Surgoinsville, TN        

Old Cemetery - First Presbyterian Church of Rogersville   -    
  On W Washington St. west of S Depot St., Rogersville, TN        

Patterson's Mill   -   THC 1B 14
  on Lee Hwy. (US 11W) east of Old Main St., Church Hill, TN        

Price Public School   -   THC 1B 64
  On N Hasson Street at W Spring St., Rogersville, TN        

Rice's Mill   -   THC 1B 16
  on Lee Hwy. (US 11W) at West Main Blvd., Church Hill, TN        

Rogers Cemetery   -   THC 1B 50
  on W Main St at Rogan Rd., Rogersville, TN        

Rogers Tavern   -   THC 1B 62
  On S Rogers St. south of Washington St., Rogersville, TN        

Rogersville Engagements   -    
  on South Depot St south of East Main St, Rogersville, TN        

Spencer County, Franklin - Hawkins County,   -    
  At the Courthouse, 100 East Main Street, Rogersville, TN        

St. Marks Presbyterian Church 1875 ~ 2002   -   THC 1B 66
  on W Kyle St. east of Hasson Street, Rogersville, TN        

Swift Memorial College 1883~1962   -   THC 1B 66
  on W Kyle St. east of Hasson Street, Rogersville, TN        

Tennessee's First Newspaper   -   THC 1B 60
  Hawkins County, Washington and Depot streets, courthouse lawn        

The Battle of Big Creek   -    
  on West Bear Hallow Rd north of Burem Pike (TN Route 347), Rogersville, TN        

The Hickory Cove   -   THC 1B 26
  At TN 70 at Hickory Cove Road, Hawkins, TN        

Thomas Gibbons   -   THC 1B 18
  On Lee Hwy. (US 11) east of Blevins Road, Rogersville, TN        

Williams Home Place   -   THC 1B 61
  132 Church Street, Mooresburg, TN        


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.