Humphreys County (043)

Historic Markers Across Tennessee


Humphreys County was created on 1809.

The county seat is in Waverly, TN.,
and the county is 532 sq mi Square Miles in area.

The State Division number is 3 and the County Group is E.

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  FIPS Code: 47085

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There are 18 Historic Markers in Humphreys County.

Battle of Johnsonville   -   THC 3E 24
  at the intersection of Thompson Street and Mill Street (W. Court Square Street), Waverly, TN        

Confederate Field Hospital   -    
  204 N Murray St, Gainesboro, TN        

Fort Hill   -   THC 3E 25
  intersection of South Church Street (SR 13) and Fort Hill Rd on South Church St (SR 13), Waverly, TN        

Fort Hill at Waverly / Defending Railroads   -    
  201 Fort Hill Rd, Waverly, TN        

Home Place of Loretta Lynn   -    
  on the grounds of Loretta Lynn's Ranch, Museum and Home, on Hurricane Mills Rd, Hurricane Mills, TN        

Humphreys - Dickson County Line   -   THC 3E 1

Humphreys - Houston County Line   -   THC 3E 6

Humphreys County   -   THC 
  Main St. & Mill St., courthouse lawn, Waverly, TN        

Hurricane Mills   -    
  44 Hurricane Mills Road, Hurricane Mills, TN        

Jesse James   -   THC 3E 21
  on Old State Route 1 (County Highway 927) 0.2 miles south of Crockett Road, New Johnsonville, TN        

Maple Drive   -    
  E. Main St., east limits Waverly, TN        

Old Johnsonville   -   THC 3E 12
  90 Redoubt Lane, New Johnsonville, TN        

Reynoldsburg   -   THC 3E 10
  at the intersection of South Church Street (Tennessee Route 13) and West Main Street, Waverly, TN        

The Tennessee River in the Civil War   -    
  900 Nell Beard Road, New Johnsonville, TN        

The Union Supply Depot   -    
  900 Nell Beard Road, New Johnsonville, TN        

United States Colored Troops at Johnsonville   -    
  900 Nell Beard Road, New Johnsonville, TN        

Waverly Disaster   -   THC 3E 22
  On E. Railroad St., west of Richland Ave., Waverly, TN        

Yellow Bank Trestle   -   THC 3E 26
  US-70 & High St., city hall lawn, McEwen, TN        


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.