Loudon County (053)

Historic Markers Across Tennessee


Loudon County was created on 1870.

The county seat is in Loudon, TN.,
and the county is 229 sq mi Square Miles in area.

The State Division number is 1 and the County Group is E, F.

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  FIPS Code: 47105

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There are 20 Historic Markers in Loudon County.

Affair at Philadelphia ~ Oct. 20, 1863   -   THC 1F 28
  U.S. 11, Loudon County, in Philadelphia        

Battle of Lenoir's Station   -   THC 1E 78
  On East Broadway Street east of A St., Lenoir City, TN         

Battle of Philadelphia   -    
  408 Church Street, Philadelphia, TN        

Lenoir Cotton Mill   -    
  on South Hill St, Lenoir City, TN        

Lenoir Plantation   -    
  200 East Broadway Street, Lenoir City, TN        

Lenoir's Station   -    
  on South Hill St south of East Depot St, Lenoir City, TN        

Longstreet's Crossing   -   THC 1E 76
  On Mulberry St. east of Grove St., Loudon, TN        

Loudon - Knox County Line   -   THC 1E 1

Loudon - Monroe County Line   -   THC 1F 3

Loudon County Courthouse   -    
  601 Grove Street, Loudon, TN         

Loudon Railroad Bridge   -    
  250 Jamie Drive, LGrove Street and Mulberry Street (U.S. 11),        

Militia Springs   -   THC 1F 17
  U.S. 411, Monroe-Loudon County line, Greenback, TN        

Morganton Crossing   -    
  on Morganton Cemetery Rd 0.6 miles west of East Coast Tellico Parkway, Greenback, TN        

National Campground   -    
  1849 King Road, Greenback, TN        

Norwood Inn   -   THC 1E 50
  Greenback Road (U.S. 411), Greenback, TN        

Railroad Trestle   -   THC 1E 77
  U.S. 11, Loudon County, in Loudon        

Sam Houston American Giant Homesite   -   THC 1E 108
  4709 Salem Rd., Greenback, TN        

Sgt. Mitchell W. Stout   -    
  intersection of Grove St and Mulberry St (U.S. 11), Loudon, TN        

The Lenoir Cotton Mill   -   THC 1F 33
  at the intersection of East Broadway Street and South Hill Street, Lenoir City, TN        

Unicoi Thrnpike   -   THC 1E 58
  U.S. 129 & 411, Loudon County, at Thompson's Bridge Road        


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.