Montgomery County (063)

Historic Markers Across Tennessee


Montgomery County was created on 1796.

The county seat is in Clarksville, TN.,
and the county is 539 sq mi Square Miles in area.

The State Division number is 3 and the County Group is C.

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  FIPS Code: 47125

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There are 26 Historic Markers in Montgomery County.

Archwood   -   THC 3C 53
  College Street east of Henry St., Clarksville, TN        

Austin Peay Historical Marker   -   THC 3C 50
  on 3rd St north of Commerce St, Clarksville, TN        

Austin Peay State University   -   THC 3C 16
  TN 76, Montgomery County, in Clarksville, College Street        

Bethel Meeting House   -   THC 3C 52
  Fort Campbell Boulevard south of Jackson Rd., Clarksville, TN        

Burt Home Infirmary   -   THC 3C 57
  Montgomery County, in Clarksville, Riverside Drive at Current Street        

Camp Boone   -   THC 3C 40
  on Guthrie Highway (U.S. 79), Clarksville, TN        

Early Outpost   -   THC 3C 3
  U.S. 41A, Montgomery County, north of Red River        

Emerald Hill   -   THC 3C 14
  on Beech Dr. east of N 2nd St., Clarksville, TN         

Kennedy and Glenn's Bank   -   THC 3C 13
  Montgomery County, in Clarksville, Northern Bank of Tennessee        

Kentucky- Tennessee, Montgomery County Line   -   THC 3C 23
  U.S. 41        

Kentucky-Tennessee, Montgomery County Line   -   THC 3C 19

Kentucky-Tennessee, Montgomery County Line   -   THC 3C 22

Legion Street   -    
  intersection of Legion St and Second Street and Strawberry Alley, Clarksville, TN        

Montgomery County Courthouse Marker   -   THC 3C 69
  on 2nd St north of Commerce St, Clarksville, TN        

Old Post House   -   THC 3C 49
  Fort Campbell Boulevard south of Jackson Rd., Clarksville, TN        

Port Royal   -   THC 3C 45
  U.S. 79. Montgomery County. at County Road 6118        

Renfroe's Station   -   THC 3C 66
  On TN 76 south of Badbury Rd., Clarksville, TN        

Riverview Cemetery   -   THC 3C 55
  on N Spring St, Clarksville, TN        

Robert Loftin Newman 1827-1912   -   THC 3C 51
  intersecting of Main St and N 6th Ave., Clarksville, TN        

Smith-Trahern Mansion   -   THC 3C 59
  Montgomery County, in Clarksville, McClure and Spring streets        

St. John Missionary Baptist Church   -   THC 3C 79
  on 7th St, between Main St. and Franklin, Clarksville, TN        

Streight's Raid, Apr. 11, 1863   -   THC 3C 36
  TN 149, Montgomery County, in Palmyra        

The John T. Cunningham Memorial Bridge   -   THC 3C 56
  at the intersection of Zinc Plant Road and River Road, Clarksville, TN        

Valentine Sevier Memorial   -   DAR 
  Walker Street south of Duncan St., Clarksville, TN        

Valentine Sevier Station   -   THC 3C 46
  U.S. 41A, Montgomery County, in New Providence        

Willie Blount   -   THC 3C 17
  at the intersection of U.S. 41A and Mt. Carmel Road, Clarksville, TN        


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.