Putnam County (071)

Historic Markers Across Tennessee


Putnam County was created on 1854.

The county seat is in Cookeville, TN.,
and the county is 401 sq mi Square Miles in area.

The State Division number is 2 and the County Group is D.

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  FIPS Code: 47141

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There are 22 Historic Markers in Putnam County.

Baxter Seminary   -    
  on 1st Avenue S, Baxter, TN        

Capshaw School   -   THC 2D 60
  1 Cougar Lane, Cookeville, TN        

Civil War in Tennessee / Partisan Warfare   -    
  at the Smith County Rest Area on I-40, Buffalo Valley, TN        

Dixie College   -    
  Quadrangle just south of East 9th Street, Cookeville, TN        

Gen. John T. Wilder   -    
  101 E Depot Ave, Monterey, TN        

Israel Putnam ~ 1718-1790   -   THC 2D 46
  at the intersection of East Broad Street and U.S. 136, Cookeville, TN        

Last Stagecoach Hold-Up   -   THC 2D 10
  U.S. 70N, Putnam County, 16.2 miles west of Cookeville        

Mount Granger   -   THC 2D 25
  Putnam County, Brotherton Community, Brotherton Road        

Old Salem Methodist Church   -    
  intersection of Neal St and Spring St, Cookeville, TN        

Putnam - Cumberland County Line   -   THC 2D 5

Putnam - Jackson County line   -   THC 3B 10

Putnam County Courthouses   -    
  at the intersection of South Jefferson (U.S. 136) and E. Broad St., Cookeville, TN        

Richard Fielding Cooke   -   THC 2D 32
  TN 56, Putnam County, Baxter; at Buffalo Valley Road        

Standing Stone   -    
  on Woodcliff Rd north of Livingston Hwy/W Commercial Ave., Monterey, TN        

Standing Stone Monument   -    
  401 E Commercial Ave, Monterey, TN        

Stokes’ Atrocity   -   THC 2D 45
  on East Commercial Av (TN Route 62) east of South Holly St, Monterey, TN        

Tennessee Central Depot   -    
  116 West Broad St        

The Walton Road   -   THC 2D 11
  U.S. 70N, Putnam County, west of Cookeville        

Town Spring   -   THC 2D 40
  at the intersection of N. Dixie Ave and Freeze St, Cookeville, TN        

U.S. Senator Albert Gore. SR. Tennessee   -    
  on Interstate 40, mile marker 266 in Rest Area, Buffalo Valley, TN        

Walton Road - Old Burnt Stand   -    
  intersection of West 12th St and North Dixie Ave, Cookeville. TN        

White Plains   -   THC 2D 21
  Putnam County, Old Walton Road, between Algood and I-40        


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.