Rhea County (072)

Historic Markers Across Tennessee


Rhea County was created on 1807.

The county seat is in Dayton, TN.,
and the county is 316 sq Mi Square Miles in area.

The State Division number is 2 and the County Group is B.

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  FIPS Code: 47143

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There are 16 Historic Markers in Rhea County.

Blythe Ferry   -   THC 2B 33
  near the south end of the Tennessee River (Tri-County Veterans) Bridge on TN-60 at the Rhea/Meigs County line, Birchwood, TN        

Bryan College   -   THC 2B 27
  On Rhea County Hwy (US 27) north of Chickamauga Dr., Dayton, TN        

David Campbell   -   THC 2B 15
  Old Washington Hwy at Worthington Dr., Dayton, TN        

Eagle Furnace   -   THC 2B 10
  U.S. 27, Rhea County, at bridge over White s Creek        

Grandview Normal Institute   -   THC 2B 24
  on Wassom Memorial Hwy (TN 68) at Emergency Ln, Grandview, TN        

Grandview Normal Institute   -   THC 2B 25
  TN 68, Rhea County, 3 miles from Spring City        

Graysville Academy   -    
  on Tennessee Route 303, Graysville, TN        

Hiwassee Garrison   -   THC 2B 4
  U.S. 27, Rhea County, south suburbs of Dayton        

Old Cornerstone / Smith's Crossroads ~ Scopes Trial Trail   -    
  798 Market Street, Dayton TN        

Rhea - Bledsoe County Line   -   THC 2B 8
  on Dayton Mountain Hwy (TN 30) at Rice Rd., Dayton, TN        

Rhea - Roane County Line   -   THC 1F 20

Rhea County Courthouse   -    
  1475 Market Street, Dayton, TN        

Smith’s Crossroads   -   THC 2B 28
  intersection of Market Street (Tennessee Route 27) and W. Delaware Avenue, Dayton, TN        

The Scopes Trial   -   THC 2B 23
  on North Market Street (Tennessee Route 30), Dayton, TN        

Washington Ferry   -   THC 2B 30
  Old Washington Hwy (TN 30) east of the river, Dayton, TN        

Washington Ferry   -   THC 2B 31
  Old Washington Hwy (TN 30) west of the river, Dayton, TN        


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.