Sumner County (083)

Historic Markers Across Tennessee


Sumner County was created on 1786.

The county seat is in Gallatin, TN.,
and the county is 529 sq mi Square Miles in area.

The State Division number is 3 and the County Group is A, B.

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  FIPS Code: 47165

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There are 38 Historic Markers in Sumner County.

Alexander Wilson   -   THC 3A 19
  at the junction of Blue Star Rd. and TN Hwy 11 (U.S. 41), Goodlettsville, TN        

Beech Cumberland Presbyterian Church   -   THC 3B 29
  U.S. 3IE, Sumner County, in Hendersonville, East Main and New Shackle Island Road        

Big South Tunnel   -   THC 3B 50
  TN 109, Sumner County, at South Tunnel Road        

Bledsoe's Fort and Monument   -   THC 3B 38
  TN 25, Sumner County, 5 miles east of Gallatin        

Bledsoe's Lick   -   THC 3B 5
  on Old Highway 25 east of Hartsville Pike, Castalian Springs, TN        

Bridal House   -   THC 3B 45
  TN 25, Sumner County, in front of Bridal House        

Camp Trousdale   -   THC 3B 24
  TN 109, Sumner County, 3 miles south of junction with U.S. 31W        

City Cemetery/Mexican War Monument   -   THC 3B 80
  at Main Street (Hwy 25) and Cemetery Ave., Gallatin, TN        

Cold Spring School ~ circa 1857-1933   -   THC 3B 49
  intersection of North Broadway (TN 109) and Victor Reiter Parkway, Portland, TN        

Cragfont   -   THC 3B 7
  on Hartsville Pike west of Harsh Lane, Castalian Springs, TN        

First Long Hunters   -   THC 3A 140
  Caldwell Drive near Jackson Road, Goodlettsville, TN        

First Presbyterian Church   -   THC 3B 41
  167 West Main Street, Gallatin, TN        

Fort Smith   -   THC 3B 74
  intersection of North Broadway (TN 109) and Woods Rd, Portland, TN        

Free Hill Road   -   THC 3B 52
  at the intersection of U.S. 31E and Free Hill Road, Hendersonville, TN        

General Griffith Rutherford ~ 1721-1805   -   THC 3B 43
  TN 25E, Sumner County, in Gallatin, near Cane Road        

General William Hall   -   THC 3B 36
  Hartsville Pike east of Governor Hall Rd, Castalian Springs, TN        

Howard Schools   -   THC 3B 44
  on Main St. at College St., Gallatin, TN        

Hugh Rogan   -   THC 3B 32
  U.S. 31E, Sumner County, on Gallatin-Bethpage Pike        

Kentucky - Tennessee - Sumner County Line   -   THC 3B 19
  on Nashville Rd. (US 31W) at Rodgers Rd. (TN 259), Portland, TN        

Kentucky - Tennessee - Sumner County Line   -   THC 3B 22

Kentucky - Tennessee, Sumner County Line   -   THC 3B 1
  6110 US-31W, Portland, TN        

Morgan and Johnson ~ August 20, 1862   -   THC 3B 28
  TN 25, Sumner County, east of Castalian Springs        

Morgan at Gallatin ~ August 12, 1862   -   THC 3B 27
  U.S. 31E Sumner County, in Gallatin, near TN 25        

Peter Vertrees   -   THC 3B 67
  at the intersection of Hwy 109 and E Bledsoe St., Gallatin, TN        

Randy's Record Shop   -   THC 3B 48
  Corner of N. Water Ave. and Franklin St., Gallatin, TN        

Rock Castle   -   THC 3A 18
  U.S. 31E, Sumner County, near Hendersonville, at Indian Springs        

Rock Castle   -   THC 3B 18
  at the corner of Indian Lake Rd and US 31E, Hendersonville, TN        

Rose Mont   -   THC 3B 75
  intersection of South Water Avenue (Old State Highway 109) and James St, Gallatin, TN        

Stagecoach Tavern   -   THC 3B 16
  U.S. 31W Sumner County, 1.5 miles south at junction with TN 52     

Tennessee Maneuvers World War II   -   THC 3B 51
  at the intersection of US 31W and TN 52, Portland, TN        

Tennessee's First African-American Civil War Volunteers   -   THC 3B 68
  on Main St. at the public square, in front of the Court House, Gallatin, TN        

The William Bowen House, Circa 1787   -   THC 3A 146
  Sumner County, Goodlettsville, Long Hollow Pike at Conference Drive        

Trousdale Place   -   THC 3B 35
  near the intersection of Main Street and Locust Ave., Gallatin, TN        

Tyree Springs   -   THC 3B 37
  Sumner County. Tyree Springs Road        

Volunteer State Community College   -    
  near the termination of the college's entrance road at Nashville Pike (Hwy 31E) and Greensboro Dr., Gallatin, TN        

William Henderson ~ 1752 - circa 1807   -   THC 3B 53
  on Johnny Cash Parkway between Walton Ferry Rd. and Sanders Ferry Rd., Hendersonville, TN        

Ziegler's Station   -   THC 3B 33
  intersection of Hartsville Pike and Zieglers Fort Rd (a.k.a.: Brights Lane), Gallatin, TN        

Zollicoffer's Headquarters   -   THC 3B 69
  435 N Broadway, Portland, TN        


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.