Tipton County (084)

Historic Markers Across Tennessee


Tipton County was created on 1823.

The county seat is in Covington, TN.,
and the county is 459 sq mi Square Miles in area.

The State Division number is 4 and the County Group is E.

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  FIPS Code: 47167

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There are 19 Historic Markers in Tipton County.

Augustus Hill Garland   -    
  on US 51 at Garland Ave., Covington, TN        

Cadmus Marcellus Wilcox   -   THC 4E 78
  U.S. 51, Tipton County, in Covington, Shelton Park        

Charles B. Simonton   -   THC 4E 87
  Tipton County, in Covington, South College Street and Sherrod Avenue        

Clopton United Methodist Church   -    
  on Brighton-Clopton Rd. east of McLennan Rd., Brighton, TN        

Fort Wright, C.S.A.   -    
  on Randolph Rd 0.1 miles south of Mills Rd, Drummonds, TN        

Frances Boyd Calhoun   -   THC 4E 57
  U.S. 51, Tipton County, in Covington        

General Jacob Tipton   -    
  on College St. at W. Church St., Covington, TN        

Joe Brown Bivouac, U.C.V.   -   THC 4E 121
  Tipton county, in Covington, Cobb-Parr Park, Bert Johnson Avenue on grounds of Tipton county Veterans Memorial Museum        

Mt. Carmel Church   -   THC 4E 25
  on George D. Gracey Hwy. (TN 59) at Robert Johnson Rd., Tipton, TN        

Mt. Zion   -    
  on College St. south of Munford Atoka Ave., Munford, TN         

Old Trinity Episcopal Church Memory Marker   -    
  on Charleston-Mason Rd., Tipton, TN        

Randolph   -   THC 4E 12
  U.S. 51, Tipton County, in Crosstown        

Salem Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church   -   THC 4E 80
  3310 Atoka Idaville Rd, Atoka, TN        

The Centennial Cutoff at the Devil's Elbow   -   THC 4E 116

Thomas Goode Revolutionary Soldier ~ 1760 -1846   -   THC 4E 115
  Tipton County, in Covington, Church and Munford streets        

Tipton - Haywood County Line   -   THC 4D 2

Tipton - Lauderdale County Line   -   THC 4E 4

Tipton County Confederate Reunion   -   THC 4E 120
  on School St. at Church St., Brighton, TN        

Trinity In The Fields   -   THC 4E 11
  at the intersection of U.S. 70 and Charleston-Mason Road, Mason, TN        


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.