Warren County (089)

Historic Markers Across Tennessee


Warren County was created on 1807.

The county seat is in McMinnville, TN.,
and the county is 433 sq mi Square Miles in area.

The State Division number is 2 and the County Group is E.

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  FIPS Code: 47177

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There are 22 Historic Markers in Warren County.

Anthia Brady Hughes ~ 1868-1949 / Willie Hughes ~ 1895-1986   -   THC 2E 68
  at the intersection of E. Main St and Mulberry St, McMinnville, TN        

Camp Smartt   -   THC 2E 49
  is on Liberty Lane ¼ mile west of South Chancery Street (Tennessee Highway 55), McMinnville, TN        

Carl T. Rowan ~ 1925-2000   -   THC 2E 74
  on E. Colville Road (Tennessee Route 56), McMinnville, TN        

Charles Faulkner Bryan - 1911~1955   -    
  112 S. Court Sq, McMinnville, TN        

Clay Faulkner   -   THC 2E 73
  2645 Faulkner Springs Road, McMinnville, TN        

Early Industries   -   THC 2E 7
  U.S. 70S, Warren County, 1 mile south of Collins River        

Forrest's Bivouac ~ July 11, 1862   -   THC 2E 36
  at the intersection of Old Rock Island Road (State Highway 288) and Mud Creek Road, Rock Island, TN        

Forrest's Bivouac, July 11, 1862   -   THC 2F 36
  U.S. 70S, Warren County at crossing of Mud Creek        

Forrest's Murfreesboro Raid ~ July 11, 1862   -   THC 2E 53
  U.S. 70S, Warren County, on each approach to McMinnville        

Higgenbotham's Cave   -   THC 2E 59
  on Harrison Ferry Road (Tennessee Route 8), McMinnville, TN        

Joseph Terry   -   THC 2E 39
  U.S. 70S, Warren County, in Rock Island        

Kentucky-Alabama Road   -   THC 2E 37
  U.S. 70S, Warren County, at TN 30        

Kentucky-Alabama Road   -   THC 2E 37
  Sparta Highway (U.S. 70s) 0.1 miles west of Spencer Road (Tennessee Route 30), McMinnville, TN        

Lucy Virginia Smith French   -   THC 2E 64
  714 W Main St, McMinnville, TN        

Morgan's Headquarters   -   THC 2E 54
  on East Morford (State Highway 380), McMinnville, TN        

Rodgers' Tavern   -   THC 2E 38
  on Rock Island Rd. at Great Falls Rd., Rock Island, TN        

Skirmish at Guest Hollow ~ August 29, 1862   -   THC 2E 65
  on Tennessee Route 55, Morrison, TN        

The Old Kentucky Road   -   DAR 
  on Tennessee Route 136, Rock Island, TN        

Uncle Dave Macon ~ 1870-1952   -    
  on E. Court Square, McMinnville, TN        

W. S. "Dad" Lively ~ 1855 - 1944   -   THC 2E 69
  is at the intersection of Donnell St. and College St., 198 College St, McMinnville, TN        

Warren - White County Line   -   THC 2D 1

Warren County's Nursery Industry   -   THC 2E 60
  Marker was at the intersection of Nashville Hwy (U.S. 70S) and C Rody Rd., 4225 Nashville Hwy, McMinnville, TN     


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.