Washington County (090)

Historic Markers Across Tennessee


Washington County was created on 1777.

The county seat is in Jonesborough, TN.,
and the county is 326 sq mi Square Miles in area.

The State Division number is 1 and the County Group is A.

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  FIPS Code: 47179

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There are 68 Historic Markers in Washington County.

A National Cemetery System   -    
  on Sunset Drive, on the left when traveling north, Mountain Home, TN        

A National Cemetery System   -    
  at the intersection of Kittrell Rd and Columbia Pike (Highway 31), Franklin, TN        

A Summary of the Life of Davy Crockett   -    
  1245 Davy Crockett Park Road, Limestone, TN        

Alfred Eugene Jackson   -   THC 1A 95
  on Oak Grove Avenue (State Road 81) north of West Main Street (State Road 81), Jonesborough, TN        

Alfred Martin Ray Buffalo Solder ~ Circa 1849 - 1917   -   THC 1A 109
  on S 2nd Ave., Jonesborough, TN        

Andre Michaux ~ 1746-1803   -   THC 1A 133
  2615 S Roan St, Johnson City, TN        

Battle of Limestone Station   -   THC 1A 113
  at the intersection of Davy Crockett Road and Old St. Rt. 34, Limestone, TN        

Boone's Creek Church   -   THC 1A 56
  at the intersection of Boones Creek Road and N Roan Street (Tennessee Highway 36) on Boones Creek Road, Johnson City, TN        

Brush Creek Campground   -   THC 1A 89
  304 West Watauga Avenue, Johnson City, TN        

Buffalo Ridge Church   -   THC 1A 24
  on TN 36 at Ben Jenkins Rd. / Gray Station Rd., Gray, TN        

Carter's Raid   -   THC 1A 78
  U.S. 11E, Washington County, near Watauga River        

Cherokee Church ~ Holston Baptist Association   -   THC 1A 59
  at the intersection of Mayberrry Road and Tennessee Highway 81, Jonesborough, TN        

Chester Inn   -   THC 1A 90
  on Main Street, Jonesborough, TN        

Christopher Taylor House   -   THC 1A 6
  on Main St. East of 1st St., Jonesborough, TN        

Clarksville Iron Furnace   -   THC 1A 91
  on Enon Church Rd. at Clarks Creek Rd., Jonesborough, TN        

Colored Christian Church and Colored School ~ 1889   -   THC 1A 120
  at the intersection of W Main Street and Whitney Street on W Main Street, Johnson City, TN        

Crockett’s Tennessee Westward Movement   -    
  1245 Davy Crockett Park Road, Limestone, TN        

Daniel Boone   -   THC 1A 27
  at the intersection of Bart Green Street and Kingsport Higway (Tennessee Highway 36), Johnson City, TN        

David Crockett   -   THC 1A 23
  TN 81 S at Taylor Bridge Road, Jonesborough, TN        

Davy Crockett’s Birthplace   -    
  1246 Davy Crockett Park Road, Limestone, TN        

Donelson Flotilla   -   THC 1A 98
  TN 93, Sullivan County, in Kingsport, North Wilcox Drive        

Dr. Hezekiah B Hankal ~ 1825-1903   -   THC 1A 127
  247 West Market Street, Johnson City, TN        

East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Depot   -   THC 1A 134
  126 Buffalo Street, Johnson City, TN        

East Tennessee State University   -   THC 1A 101
  on S Dossett Dr., Johnson City, TN 3        

Fall Branch Community Educational Center   -   THC 1A 104
  at the Fall Branch School on TN 93, Fall Branch, TN        

Fiddlin’ Charlie Bowman ~ 1889-1962   -   THC 1A 28
  at the intersection of Roscoe Fitz Road and Sunset Drive (Tennessee Road 82), Johnson City, TN        

First Abolition Publications   -   THC 1A 82
  on West Main Street, Jonesborough, TN        

First Court of Washington County   -   THC 1A 50
  at the intersection of Milligan Highway and Cedar Grove Road, Johnson City, TN        

Gillespie Stone House   -   THC 1A 74
  U.S. 11E Washington County, near Limestone Station        

History on Knob Creek   -   THC 1A 22
  is on East Oakland Avenue 0.4 miles east of Bristol Highway (U.S. 11E), Johnson City, TN        

Isaac Hammer   -   THC 1A 64
  u.s. 23, Washington County, on outskirts of Johnson City        

Isaac Hammer   -   THC 1E 64
  on E Mountain View Rd. at Kimrod Dr., Johnson City, TN        

Jacob Brown   -   THC 1A 25
  ntersection of Tennessee Route 81 S and Taylor Bridge Rd (TN Route 81) on State Route 81 S, Jonesborough, TN        

Jesse Duncan   -   THC 1A 26
  at the intersection of E Mountain View Road and N. Roan Street on E Mountain View Road, Johnson City, TN        

Johnson City Sessions   -   THC 1A 141
  On Main St (TN 91) at Colonial Way, Johnson City, TN        

Johnson City ~ Incorporated - December 1, 1869   -   THC 1A 93
  on 235 E Main St., Johnson City, TN        

Jonesboro: Oldest Town in Tennessee   -   THC 1A 81
  418 West College Street, Jonesborough, TN        

Keystone Pottery   -   THC 1A 121
  on John Sevier Highway (Tennessee Route 107), Jonesborough, TN        

Knob Creek Church of the Brethren   -   THC 1A 114
  on Knob Creek Rd. east of Fairidge Rd., Johnson City, TN        

Langston High School ~ 1893-1965   -   THC 1A 110
  224 East Myrtle Avenue, Johnson City, TN        

Mountain Home National Cemetery   -    
  on Sunset Drive, on the left when traveling north, Mountain Home, TN        

National Soldiers’ Home   -   THC 1A 135
  on Dogwood Avenue, Mountain Home, TN        

Old Dutch Meeting House   -   THC 1A 79
  On TN 81 Scenic at Mayberry Rd., Jonesborough, TN        

Providence Church   -   THC 1A 55
  on TN 81 at Pleasant Grove Rd., Jonesborough, TN        

Robins’ Roost   -   THC 1A 60
  is on South Roan Street 0.1 miles from West Chestnut Street, Johnson City, TN        

Salem Church   -   THC 1A 57
  U.S. 321 west of Washington College Station Rd., Telford, TN        

Samuel Cole Williams ~ January 15, 1864 - December 14, 1947   -   THC 1A 88
  on S. Roan St. near Library Lane, Johnson City, TN        

Samuel Doak House   -   THC 1C 60
  TN 107, Washington County, .3 mile south of Tusculum College        

Science Hill ~ Male & Female Institute   -   THC 1A 58
  is on East Downtown Loop near North Roan St., Johnson City, TN        

State Flag   -   THC 1A 86
  205 Whitney Street, Johnson City, TN        

State Seal   -   THC 1A 87
  on East Jackson Boulevard (U.S. 11E) 0.1 miles east of Boone Street, in the median, Jonesborough, TN        

Sulphur Springs Camp Meeting Grounds   -   THC 1A 139
  on Gray Station Sulphur Springs Rd., west of Bayless / West Side Rd., Jonesborough, TN         

The Real Likeness of David Crockett   -    
  1247 Davy Crockett Park Road, Limestone, TN        

The Tester Brothers   -   THC 1A 125
  527 Conklin Rd, Jonesborough, TN        

Thomas Embree   -   THC 1A 29
  on Old State Route 34 near Matthews Mill Rd., Telford, TN        

Thomas Emmerson   -   THC 1A 92
  on E Main St near Buffalo St., Johnson City, TN        

Tipton - Haynes Cemetery   -   THC 1A 112
  On Arroyo Dr., Johnson City, TN        

Tipton-Haynes Historical Site   -   THC 1A 111
  2615 S Roan St, Johnson City, TN        

Tree Streets Historic District   -   THC 1A 118
  on Southwest Ave. at Devine St., Johnson City, TN         

Warner Institute ~ 1876 - 1913   -   THC 1A 28
  on a side road near the intersection of E main St. at Clay Ave., Johnson City, TN        

Washington - Carter County Line   -   THC 1A 31
  on E Main St. (TN 91) at Fleming Rd., Johnson City, TN        

Washington - Carter County Line   -   THC 1A 32

Washington - Sullivan County Line   -   THC 1A 42

Washington - Sullivan County Line   -   THC 1A 43

Washington College ~ 1.7 miles   -   THC 1A 30
  U.S. 321 west of Washington College Station Rd., Telford, TN        

Welcome to Davy Crockett Birthplace State Park   -    
  1248 Davy Crockett Park Road, Limestone, TN        

William Beans Cabin   -   THC 1A 5
  at the intersection of North Roan Street (Tennessee Route 36) and Pickens Bridge Road, Johnson City, TN        

William Nelson Home   -   THC 1A 75
  at the intersection of Knob Creek Rd and W Market St., Johnson City, TN        


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.