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Location: Alvin K. Bissell Park, at the intersection of Oak Ridge Turnpike (Tennessee Route 95) and South Tulane Ave, Oak Ridge, TN
County: Anderson
Coordinates: N 36° 0.818    W 084° 15.474
  36.01363333    -84.2579
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: None



On January 20 “The Oak Ridger” published its first edition. It told the city’s stories for decades, like a favorite talk about colorful, hard-driving General Leslie Groves, Manhattan Engineering District commandant. When he had needed minor surgery, he sought out Oak Ridge Hospital’s best, most secure quarters: the maternity ward. An early newspaper article covered dormitory tenants’ complaints over cuts in services and then their complaints about higher rents after the operator agreed to continue the services. The gates were opened on March 19 with ceremony and parade, and many came to see what the once Secret City was like. Patricia Neal, the actress born in Knoxville, visited Oak Ridge Playhouse. ORINS and AEC discussed starting an atomic energy museum. The bus drivers went out on a short strike, stranding 25,000 people who took the bus to work. Union Carbide distributed $3.6 million to employees at the three government plants through its savings plan. David Lilienthal announced that Oak Ridge was the world center for production of fissionable uranium 235 and that the gaseous diffusion plant would be expanded. In November he resigned as AEC Chairman.

Given by the Oak Ridge Chamber of Commerce, Founded in 1949
and By the ORNL Federal Credit Union, June 2005.


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