Historic Markers Across Tennessee

Bledsoe - Van Buren County Line

Marker ID: THC 2B 9
County: Bledsoe
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: None


Bledsoe County
Established 1807; named in honor of

Anthony Bledsoe.

Captain in the Colonial Army from Virginia; major in the Revolutionary Army and a colonel of Tennessee Militia. One of the first settlers of Sumner County, he was killed near his home by Indians in 1789.

Van Buren County

Established 1840; named in honor of

Martin Van Buren

United States Senator from New York, 1821-28; Governor of New York, 1829. Secretary of State to President Jackson, 1829-31. Vice President of the United States 1833-1837 and President, 1837-1841.

Erected by Tennessee Historical Commission