Historic Markers Across Tennessee

Abandonment and Preservation

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Location: on path near slave cabins, Jackson's first Hermitage Home, on Rachel's Lane, Hermitage, TN
County: Davidson
Coordinates: N 36° 13.014    W 086° 36.657
  36.2169    -86.61095
Waymark: None


Abandonment and Preservation
Stories Lost, Then Found Again

In the years after Andrew Jackson’s death, the Jackson’s financial situation changed for the worse. The log farmhouse/slave cabin slowly fell into ruin. In 1889, the state of Tennessee entrusted the property to the Ladies’ Hermitage Association. They immediately restored the one-story remains of the farmhouse as a monument to Andrew Jackson. Because the history of this building as a slave cabin went untold, visitors to The Hermitage for many years mistakenly believed that the Jackson lived in a crude one-story frontier log cabin.

Since the early 1970’s, historical and archaeological research on the farmhouse has revealed a wealth of new information. This information tells much about the enslaved African Americans who lived here, as well as the appearance of the house during Jackson’s residency. This research guided the restoration of the buildings to the period after 1821 when the enslaved occupied both buildings. Although restored as slave cabins, we now tell both stories-that of Andrew Jackson’s life here, and that of his enslaved workers


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