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Land Conservation at The Hermitage

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Location: is located at The Hermitage historical site, 4580 Rachels Lane, Hermitage, TN
County: Davidson
Coordinates: N 36° 13.001    W 086° 36.657
  36.21668333    -86.61095
Waymark: None


Land Conservation at The Hermitage
Prescribed Grazing Plan

Prescribed Grazing at the Hermitage improves forage, animal, soil, and water resources.

Animal resources are improved by striving to maintain quality forge 3” to 8” tall. This height allows graze animals to have optimum intake. When animal graze lower than 3” they expend more energy in search of forage and grain less weight. Forage taller than 8” is typically steamy and lower quality.

Plant resources are more vigorous and resilient when plants are not grazed lower than 3”. Most of the energy plants store are in the basal stems and roots, however, for the bulk of their energy needs plants need leaves to capture solar energy for photosynthesis. Overgrazed pastures are less productive, capture less sunlight, and are more sensitive to drought than well-managed pastures.

Soil resources are improved because vigorous grass and roots improve soil structure and builds organic matter.

Water resources are improved by slowing runoff flowing through taller more vigorous forage. Also, healthy plants take up and cycle more nutrients than overgrazed pastures.

Flooding is reduced because runoff is three times less on properly managed forage. Greater infiltration of rain water helps recharge groundwater and provides more available water for plant uptake and growth.

Erected by The Hermitage


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