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The Architectural Evolution Of The Hermitage

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Location: is located outside of The Hermitage gated Flower Garden at The Hermitage historical site, 4580 Rachels Lane, Hermitage, TN
County: Davidson
Coordinates: N 36° 12.886    W 086° 36.762
  36.21476666    -86.6127
Waymark: None


The Architectural Evolution Of The Hermitage
A Matter of Style and Substance

Like its landscape, so too have the homes of the Hermitage been touched by time and circumstance. Andrew and Rachel Jackson's first Hermitage home was a substantial and well-furnished two-story log farmhouse, where they lived from 1804 until well after Jackson's rise to national fame at the Battle of New Orleans in 1815. After his victory, the First Hermitage reflected neither Jackson's status as a national hero, nor the fashions of the time. In 1819, he began construction of a Federal-style brick home, a style nearing the end of its popularity, but a great step up from the log farmhouse. In 1831, during Jackson's first term as President, he enlarged the mansion by adding library and dining room wings. The home you visit today is the third version of Jackson's brick mansion. When fire significantly damaged the Hermitage mansion in 1834, Jackson remodeled the house for the third and final time. Remodeling was finally finished in 1837, just as Jackson completed his second term as President and retired to The Hermitage. Home to stay.

For all the changes to The Hermitage over the years, two constants remain. History lived here. So did families. Welcome.

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