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The Hermitage Mansion

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Location: on the path between the Visitors Center and The Hermitage Mansion at the Hermitage historical site, 4580 Rachels Lane, Hermitage, TN
County: Davidson
Coordinates: N 36° 12.877    W 086° 36.761
  36.21461666    -86.61268333
Waymark: None


The Hermitage Mansion
Symbol of Democracy?

Elegant as it is, The Hermitage Mansion is also a prime example that, indeed, beauty sometimes does lie “in the eye of the beholder.” Andrew Jackson's visitors got their first good look at his home as they rounded the graceful curves of its cedar-lined carriage drive. Jackson seems to have carefully staged visitors' impressions of his mansion and farm. The direct frontal view disguised the fact that the Greek revival facade does not continue around the sides of the house. For family members and most visitors, his Greek revival mansion symbolized Americans' celebration of their liberty and love of democracy. Other saw something quite different. To enslaved African Americans and social reformers of the time, the stylish Greek revival design sent much more than a clear signal about Jackson's own personal status. For them, it represented slavery and the failings of American Democracy.

In warm hospitality, around-the-clock exhausting labor, peaceful moment or contentious discussion, Jackson's home spoke powerfully to many people in many ways over the years. And still does. If we listen.

Erected by The Hermitage


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