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Colonel Richard Henderson

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Location: in Fort Nashboroough on 1st Avenue North 0.1 miles south of Church Street, Nashville, TN
County: Davidson
Coordinates: N 36° 9.865    W 086° 46.531
  36.16441666    -86.77551666
Style: Mounted **
Waymark: None


Colonel Richard Henderson
Founder and Promoter of the noted "Transylvania Land Company

In recognition of
Colonel Richard Henderson
Born in Virginia 1735
Died in North Carolina 1785
Founder and Promoter of the noted
"Transylvania Land Company"

Whose purchase from the Cherokee Indians covered the territory from the waters of Kentucky River to that of Cumberland.

His first settlement was made at Boonesborough, which failed in loss of title by action of Virginia.

His second attempt at settlement was made in 1779-1780, at this place on Cumberland River, - then known as "The French Lick."

He enlisted James Roberston of the Watauga Settlement to lead this project while he acted as commissioner from North Carolina to survey the boundary line between that state and Virginia in order to know in which state the settlement would fall.

Early in 1870 Colonel Henderson joined the settlement provided corn for its maintenance, the "compact" for its civil government and a land-office for the sale of lands.

Dissatisfaction soon arose as to the validity of titles, discouragements as to provisions, and danger from Indians. The life of the settlement was seriously threatened. Colonel Henderson returned to North Carolina leaving James Robertson in charge, who after many trials brought it to success.

"Colonel Henderson was a gentleman eminently distinguished for his legal acquirements, both as an advocate and as a judge... still more so for a sound judgement as well as mental endowments... which made him an object of general admiration."