Historic Markers Across Tennessee

City of Edgefield

Marker ID: NHC 
Location: E side of Woodland St. Bridge
County: Davidson
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: None


The portion of East Nashville known as Edgefield, the name suggested by Gov. Neill S. Brown, was incorporated as a city Jan. 2, 1869. Its approximate bounds were Shelby Ave., Sevier St., So. 10th St., Berry St., Cowan Ave. and the River. It’s first mayor was W.A. Glenn and its last was S.M. Wene. It was annexed to the City of Nashville Feb. 6, 1880.

The Historical Commission of Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County.


Erected: 1970, replaced in 1997 Corrections: An ‘L’ has been deleted from Neill S Brown.
The first initial of Mr. Wene, Edgefield’s last mayor, is incorrect. His first initial should be S rather than W. Also, the Nashville city directory for 1878 lists S.M. Wene followed by the title “Mayor of Edgefield.”