Historic Markers Across Tennessee

Decatur - Perry County Line

Marker ID: THC 4D 6
County: Decatur
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: None


Decatur County
Established 1845; named in honor of

Commodore Stephen Decatur.

The naval officer who won fame in the War with Tripoli; his chief exploit was the recapture and destruction of the frigate "Philadelphia." He later served with great distinction in the War of 1812.

Perry County
Established 1819; named in honor of

Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry.

Served in the naval war with Tripoli; in 1809, built and commanded a fleet of gunboats. In 1813, commanding the fleet he had built, recruited and organized on Lake Erie, he met a British fleet in battle, resulting in his famous message, "We have met the enemy and they are ours."

Erected by Tennessee Historical Commission.