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DeKalb County Confederate Monument

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Location: at the intersection of South Public Square and South 3rd Street, Smithville, TN
County: DeKalb
Coordinates: N 35° 57.636    W 085° 48.792
  35.9606    -85.8132
Waymark: None


(south face)
Atlanta • Chickamauga • Murfressboro

This monument is dedicated to the memory of all DeKalb Countians who served the Confederacy. They sacrificed much for the cause of an independent South. Their courage and patriotism to the state of Tennessee is an example to all generations.

(east face)
Antietam • Seven Pines • Spotsylvania

Confederate Infantry units raised in DeKalb County
Colm's 1st Battalion AKA 20th Tenn Battalion
Co. A Co. C became 50th Consolidated TN Regiment
Co. B Co. K 7th Tenn Regiment
Co. A 16th Tenn Regiment
Co. A Co. G 23rd Tenn Regiment
Co. E became Co. C 24th Tenn Regiment
Co. I became 3rd Consolidated TN Regiment
Co. F 35th Tenn Regiment AKA 1st TN Mountain Rifle Regiment AKA 5th Tenn Regiment
Co. I 84th Tenn Regiment
Co. E became 28th Consolidated TN Regiment Co. I

1996 by Sons of Confederate Veterans Savage-Goodner Camp #1553.