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Sgt. York at Work

Marker ID:  
Location: on N. York Highway (US 127), Pall Mall, TN
County: Fentress
Coordinates: N 36° 32.502    W 084° 57.75
  36.5417    -84.9625
Waymark: None


Inscriptions of photos from left to right, top to bottom
(Inscription under the photo of York on a road crew)

Prior to World War I, York (fourth from left) was on a road crew building what was designated Hwy. 127 in 1927. The narrow-gauge railroad took supplies to the workers and ferried them to the work site.

(Inscription under the photo of the road built in his honor)
Alvin C. York, center, was on the road crew that built what is now U.S. Highway 127. It was later named in his honor.

(Inscription under the photo showing York raising cattle)
Sgt. York raised cattle and engaged in farming. His general store (background) was visible from the family home.

(Inscription under the photo farming)
Hiring locals to work the fields, Sgt. York (pictured here on his grain binding machine) farmed, ran a blacksmith shop, dug oil wells and operated Alvin C. York and Son General Merchandise and Groceries.

(Inscription under the photo showing the Homesteads Tower Museum sign)
Once the New Deal got underway York endorsed the Franklin D. Roosevelt’s relief efforts especially the C.C.C and the W.P.A. In 1939, York was appointed superintendent of the Cumberland Homesteads near Crossville.

(Inscription under the photo showing York in the Oil Exploration in the Region)
Oil exploration in the region began a century ago when scattered oil discoveries were made in the Travisville community, north of Pall Mall. After WWI Sgt. York became involved. A well he drilled in the 1940s near Moodyville blew out and flowed several hundred barrels of oil into the Wolf River.

(Inscription under the photo of Sgt. York)
Sgt. York served as president of York Institute, the school he founded in Jamestown, raising funds for education through his nonprofit York Foundation.

(Inscription under the photo showing Sgt. York speaking)
Sgt. York was often called upon to speak (primarily uncompensated), all over the U.S. in support of causes important to him.

(Inscription under the photo of Corn Meal)
York’s Special Bolted Corn Meal was produced for sale at Sgt. Alvin C. York and Son General Merchandise and Groceries. (Inscription under the photo of York’s store) York’s store, pictured here as it appeared in its early days, was the forerunner to today’s visitor center and store, built as replica of the original.

(Inscription under the photo of York Store receipt)
Original receipt from York Store-Sergeant Alvin C. York and Son, General Merchandise and Groceries.

(Inscription under the photo of a well stocked store)
Alvin and Gracie York kept a well-stocked store during WWII.

Tennessee State Parks-Sgt. Alvin C. York State Historic Park.


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