Historic Markers Across Tennessee

Franklin - Coffee County Line

Marker ID: THC 2E 19
County: Franklin
Waymark: None


Franklin County
Established 1807; named in honor of
Benjamin Franklin.

Printer, publisher, diplomat, author, philosopher, scientist and statesman. Most notable achievements in statecraft were his representation of the Thirteen Colonies at the Court of France, his part in drafting the Declaration of Independence and his part in concluding the treaty with England which gave the colonels their independence. He was also member of Constitutional Convention of 1787.

Coffee County

Established 1836; named in honor of

Major General John Coffee

Soldier, surveyor, and close friend of Andrew Jackson. Tennessee troops under his command took a decisive part in the New Orleans Campaign, December 23, 1814 to January 8, 1815.

Erected by Tennessee Historical Commission