Historic Markers Across Tennessee

Sam Davis

Marker ID:  
Location: on Madison Street, Pulaski, TN
County: Giles
Coordinates: N 35° 11.952    W 087° 1.882
  35.1992    -87.03136666
Waymark: None


Sam Davis
Born Oct. 6, 1842 Near Smyrna,
Rutherford County Tennessee.

Through a Confederate
Soldier in the line of duty,
he was executed as a spy
by the Federals at
Pulaski, Nov. 27, 1863.

"Let come what must,
I keep my Trust”
Sam Davis

(Left Side):

"If I had a thousand lives,
I would lose, them all here
before I would betray my
friend or the confidence of my informer."

(Right Side):

"Greater love hath no
man than this, that a
man lay down his life
for his friends."