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Blaine's Crossroads

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Location: 240 Indian Ridge Road, Blaine, TN
County: Grainger
Coordinates: N 36° 9.174    W 083° 42.021
  36.1529    -83.70035
Waymark: None


Blaine's Crossroads·
Little to Gain; Much to Lose

After Confederate Gen. James Longstreet's defeat at Fort Sanders on November 29, 1863, he lifted the siege of Knoxville and headed northeast, hoping to intercept a Federal column marching toward Knoxville from Cumberland Gap. The Confederates paused at Rogersville to rest, gather provisions and forage, and leave their sick and wounded in the hands of local residents.

Passing through Blaine's Crossroads in pursuit of Longstreet, Union Gen. James M. Shackelford's advance guard continued through Rutledge to Bean's Station. There, Longstreet sent an infantry division with artillery to attack, while two cavalry divisions wer deployed to prevent the Federals' escape. This assault was successful, and the Union forces retreated in disorder. However, the Confederates failed to mount an effective pursuit because of the extreme fatigue of their men and horses and a critical lack of rations and clothing.

Following the Battle of Bean's Station, the Federals fell back to Blaine's Crossroads and entrenched together with Union Gen. Gordon Granger's reinforcements. The coming of winter and limited supplies made troop movements difficult, so Longstreet's army crossed the Holston River and went into winter quarters at Morristown and Russellville. The two sides skirmished and foraged until spring.

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