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Locomotive 4501

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Location: on the grounds of the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum East Chattanooga site, 2202 N. Chamberlain Ave, Chattanooga, TN
County: Hamilton
Coordinates: N 35° 3.654    W 085° 14.988
  35.0609    -85.2498
Style: Mounted **
Waymark: None


Locomotive 4501 (Class M2s, Baldwin No. 37085, built in 1911) was the first 2-8-2 type engine to operate on the Southern Railway System and saw active service until 1948, at which time the Kentucky & Tennessee Railroad of Stearns, Kentucky bought and re-numbered her to K&T 12. Used in drag coal service on this 7-mile shortline until 1964. "The 12" was then sold to P. H. Merriman of Sewanee, Tennessee, following which the 4501 was returned to its original appearance and leased to the Southern Railway which now maintains the locomotive for passenger excursion service.

The 4501 was given to The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum by Mr. Merriman in October 1975.

On March 28, 1979, the 4501 became the second locomotive to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places, United States Department of The Interior.

Presented by the TVRM Board of Directors in Honor of Paul H. Merriman, who served as President for the first 17 years (1961-1978).
April 25, 1980

Erected 1980 by United States Department of The Interior.