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Historic Crossing

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Location: West Main St, Savannah, TN
County: Hardin
Coordinates: N 35° 13.558    W 088° 15.431
  35.22596666    -88.25718333
Waymark: None


Historic Crossing

Savannah stands at the junction of two major corridors- the north-south Tennessee River and the east-west road of Memphis. Savannah's secure, high ground and deep water made it an important port. For decades pioneers and area farmers found the water route faster and more economical than land travel. The road leading to the landing is still visible along the stone wall to your right. James Rudd operated the first ferry here in 1815. Over the next forty years thousands of westward emigrants and local travelers crossed the Tennessee River at Savannah.
In 1838, more than 600 Cherokees crossed here during the forced relocation of the Cherokee Nation to the Indian Territory (now Oklahoma). The routes they used are collectiveley known as the nunahi-dunatlo-hilu-i- "trail where they cried."

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