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Welcome (Pickwick Dam)

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Location: at Pickwick Dam, 350 Power Ln, Savannah, TN
County: Hardin
Coordinates: N 35° 4.366    W 088° 15.047
  35.07276666    -88.25078333
Waymark: None



Pickwick Landing Dam

Construction: Completed 1938
Dam Height: 34 meters (113 feet)
Dam Length: 2,352 meters (7,715 feet)
Reservoir Length: 85 kilometers (53 miles)
Flood Storage: 516 million cu. m. (675 million cu. yd.)

TVA is the nation's largest public power producer and steward of the Tennessee River. It has six distinct areas of responsibility-navigation, flood control, power supply, land use, water quality, and recreation. All are managed as an integrated system optimizing the river's potential while returning multiple benefits to citizens and to the environment.

TVA's experience guarantees predictable and reliable balance among the competing demands placed on the river. Shorelines are protected and development continues; power is generated and fisheries are conserved; barges and boats share channels and locks.

TVA's system design and foresight ensure the greatest possible public benefit by making the most of every drop of water the river system-as flotation for navigation and habitat for fish; as coolant for power plants and force to spin turbines' to irrigate crops and to drink.