Historic Markers Across Tennessee

Jackson Branch – A Stolen Stream

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Location: Natchez Trace Parkway (at milepost 404.7), Duck River, TN
County: Hickman
Coordinates: N 35° 41.786    W 087° 17.66
  35.69643333    -87.29433333
Waymark: None


Jackson Branch – A Stolen Stream·

This trail descends to Jackson Falls, a beautifully sculptured cascade that seems ageless. But it isn’t. For thousands of years before the falls existed, Jackson Branch flowed into this high valley, isolated from the Duck River below.

Then, in a classic case of “stream piracy,” Duck River captured the Jackson Branch. The flooding river and other erosional agents wore away at the bluffs, cutting a new channel through faults in the rock. At the site of Jackson Falls, the diverted stream slipped down into Duck River valley, abandoning its former course.

National Park Service.


The marker is located at the Jackson Falls turnout along the trail from the parking lot to Jackson Falls.