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The Family Farm ... Working in Harmony with the Environment

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Location: Natchez Trace Parkway (at milepost 405.1), Duck River, TN
County: Hickman
Coordinates: N 35° 41.886    W 087° 17.262
  35.6981    -87.2877
Waymark: None


The Family Farm ... Working in Harmony with the Environment

The Morrow family farm, visible from this outlook, is an excellent example of agriculture working in harmony with the environment. The Morrow’s, like other conservation farmers, have a strong conservation ethic and a desire to leave improved soil and water resources for the next generation. Conservation measures illustrated in this display are the tools of caring stewards of the land.

Farm ponds provide water for livestock, prevent streambank erosion, and provide a habitat for fish and wildlife, provide recreation opportunities, and add to the scenic beauty of the world around us.

Agriculture can co-exist with wildlife by providing wildlife habitat areas that provide food and shelter for wildlife. Agriculture works with the environment by considering all that is part of nature.

Pastureland must be managed to prevent erosion and overgrazing. Conservation works to maintain and restore pasture cover which improves the soil resource.

Grassed waterways prevent gullies from forming while directing water safely across the land with minimal soil erosion.

Conventional tillage (turning the soil) leaves the soil unprotected from wind and water. Conservation tillage uses as little disturbance of the soil as practical and residue from previous crops to protect the soil. Reducing erosion protects the soil and improves water quality.

The man-made scars of mining, visible even from a distance, blemish the landscape and are a threat to water quality and the environment. Reclamation efforts heal the land and renew the rural landscape.

Filter strips remove sediment and other pollutants from runoff before the water reaches adjacent streams, ponds, and lakes. Filter strips are used as borders for the cropped fields that are adjacent to Duck River.

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Clean water is a necessity for everyone. Water management and conservation practices enable farmers to protect and improve the quality of our water. The efforts toward water quality on the farm benefit even our most urban citizens. Ultimately we all drink from the same container–planet earth.