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Natchez Trace Parkway

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Location: at milepost 407 The Gordon House Stop, Duck River, TN
County: Hickman
Coordinates: N 35° 41.826    W 087° 17.626
  35.6971    -87.29376666
Waymark: None


Natchez Trace Parkway
Things to see from milepost 325 to 444

The Natchez Trace Parkway leads you 444 miles through three states 10,000 years of North American history. Also designated as a National Scenic Byway and All-American Road, the Parkway encourages travelers to experience historic and scenic landscapes at a leisurely pace.

There is plenty to see on the Natchez Trace. This map covers miles 325 to 444; there are still 324 more miles to the sough to explore. To get to your site, note the milepost number on your map (in pink), then follow the milepost on the east side of the Parkway.

The Double Arch Bridge over Birdsong Hollow and TN-96 is an award-winning design. Take the TN-96 exit to see it from below. Milepost 438.0

The Gordon House, built in 1818, is one of two remaining buildings from the historic boatmen era (1780-1820) on the Parkway. Milepost 407.7

Jackson Falls showcases the beauty of Tennessee. Stop here for a picnic and take a 15 minute walk down a steep, paved path to the falls. Milepost 404.7

The Meriwether Lewis sites honors the leader of the Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery expedition, who died here in 1809. Milepost 385.9.

Rock Spring attracts hundreds of hummingbirds each fall, and features a wide range of plants and wildlife all year. Milepost 330.2

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All Photos by NPS/Marc Muench
National Park Service U. S. Department of the Interior

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