Historic Markers Across Tennessee


Marker ID: THC 1C 39
Location: on U.S. 25W & 70, west of Dandridge
County: Jefferson
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: None


Permanently settled 1783. Francis Dean build meeting house where Revolutionary Cemetery remains. Jan., 1793, commissioners of County Court, Jefferson Co., Territory South of the River Ohio, located county seat here. Dean donated land & Samuel Jack laid off town. Named for Martha Dandridge, wife of George Washington.

Erected by Tennessee Historical Commission.


Identical marker 1 C38 is on U.S. 25W & 70, at east city limits of Dandridge
Identical marker 1 C 39 is on U.S. 25W & 70, west of Dandridge;
identical marker 1 C 40 is on TN 92, north of Dandridge;
Identical marker 1 C 41 is on TN 66, south of Dandridge.