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Medal of Honor 17th Michigan Volunteer Regiment

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Location: intersection of Evans Rd and Virtue Rd, Knoxville, TN
County: Knox
Coordinates: N 35° 51.217    W 084° 10.633
  35.85361666    -84.17721666
Waymark: None


Medal of Honor 17th Michigan Volunteer Regiment
Turkey Creek & Campbell Station November 16, 1863

9th Corps - First Division - Third Brigade
Captain Frederick Swift • Sgt. Joseph Brandle

On November 16, 1863, the 17th Michigan was assigned as part of the Rear Guard along with the 2nd Michigan, 20th Michigan and the 100th Pennsylvania to protect the rest of Burnside's Army which were now in retreat into the defenses of Knoxville.

The Confederates, under General Longstreet caught up with the 17th Michigan skirmishers of the Rear Guard at Turkey Creek, a few hundred yards from this spot.

Almost cut off, Captain Frederick Swift of Company E and Sgt. Joseph Brandle, the flag bearer, rallied the regiment and stopped the Confederates from over running them and the rest of the guard.

For this action, Captain Swift and Sgt. Brandle were awarded the Medal of Honor.

Losses for the 17th Michigan
7 Killed
52 Wounded