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Memorial for Cofounders of Campbell Station

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Location: 11019 2nd Dr, Knoxville, TN
County: Knox
Coordinates: N 35° 52.667    W 084° 9
  35.87778333    -84.15
Waymark: None


Memorial for Cofounders of Campbell Station

Colonel David Campbell Born 1753 - 1832

* David Campbell donated the land for Pleasant Forest Cemetery.

David Campbell and Archibald McCaleb settled Campbell Station on March 7, 1787. By 1798 a small church and school was erected on the Colonel Campbell's land that he had give, the site of present day cemetery. He sold his real estate holdings at Campbell Station in 1823 and moved his family to Wilson County, Tennessee. He is buried in Leesville Cemetery in Wilson County.

Archibald McCaleb Born 1750 Died 1813

* Believed to be buried in Pleasant Forest Cemetery (in an unmarked grave).

Archibald McCaleb was born in 1750 in the Pendleton District of South Carolina and is believed to have fought in the Revolutionary War. He was granted 350 acres of land in the Sinking Creek area. He was killed by Indians in September 1813.