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Inner Breastworks ~ Fort Pillow, 1862

Marker ID:  
Location: in Fort Pillow State Park on State Highway 207, Henning, TN
County: Lauderdale
Coordinates: N 35° 38.457    W 089° 50.178
  35.64095    -89.8363
Waymark: None


This second line of breastworks is located between the long line of outer breastworks and the Union fort. Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard ordered the construction of the inner breastworks because the outer breastworks were too long for the available garrison to defend. The inner breastworks were constructed during late March and April, 1862 and were designed to hold 3,000 men. Several circular depressions along the works suggest that mortars were emplaced here. During the early stages of the Battle of Fort Pillow several companies of the 13th Tennessee Cavalry (Union) held this position, but by mid-morning they were driven from the works by Forrest's troops.


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