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Cleburne's Pursuit

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Location: battlefield trail loop begins at the Civil War Trails parking lot. Intersection of Kedron Road and Reserve Boulevard, Spring Hill, TN
County: Maury
Coordinates: N 35° 44.326    W 086° 55.848
  35.73876666    -86.9308
Waymark: None


Cleburne's Pursuit
4:30 - 5:00 p.m.

— November 29, 1864 —

Cleburne's advance rolled north in pursuit of Bradley's brigade which fled north of McCutcheon Creek to establish new lines at the southern edge of town. Reacting promptly to the retreat of Bradley, Lane's brigade began to reposition itself to the south. Cleburne's pursuit was brought to a sudden halt by massive volleys from the artillery and the veteran 103rd Ohio Infantry positioned across the Columbia-Franklin Pike. Cleburne's veterans pulled up short and sought cover under an intense and deadly accurate barrage from the well positioned Union artillery.

It was now nearly 5:00 p.m., sunlight had faded into sunset (sunset was 4:49 p.m.), and Cleburne had run into unexpectedly heavy opposition. He halted his advance, and called for support and instructions.