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Confederate Deployment

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Location: battlefield trail loop begins at the Civil War Trails parking lot. Intersection of Kedron Road and Reserve Boulevard, Spring Hill, TN
County: Maury
Coordinates: N 35° 44.25    W 086° 55.642
  35.7375    -86.92736666
Waymark: None


Confederate Deployment
4:00 p.m., November 29, 1864

By 4:00 p.m., Patrick Cleburne had marched his division north on the Rally Hill Pike. A brief meeting with several of Forrest's officers indicated that Federals were located in force between the Rally Hill Pike and the Columbia-Franklin Pike due west. Accordingly, Cleburne aligned his division of 3,000 men parallel to the Rally Hill Pike. Cleburne's three brigades were aligned en echelon westward, Brigadier General Hiram Granbury's Brigade on the left (south), Brigadier General Daniel Govan's brigade in the center, and Brigadier General Mark Lowrey's brigade on the right (north). Colonel Tyree H. Bell's brigade of Forrest's cavalry formed on Cleburne's right(north) flank, even though they were out of ammunition. One Confederate cavalry officer remembered, "It is well understood that our command had no ammunition, and the only thing we could do was to yell."

Lowrey's brigade marched across the ground where this marker is located. Bell marched to the north, and Govan and Granbury to the south. Govan and Granbury followed the approximate route of the modern Saturn Parkway, with Govan to the north, and Granbury to the south of the parkway.