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Confederate Movements After Sunset

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Location: battlefield trail loop begins at the Civil War Trails parking lot. Intersection of Kedron Road and Reserve Boulevard, Spring Hill, TN
County: Maury
Coordinates: N 35° 43.925    W 086° 57.203
  35.73208333    -86.95338333
Waymark: None


Confederate Movements After Sunset
November 29, 1864

After the sun set, Confederate plans began to quietly fall apart. Hood appeared confident that Forrest held the pike north of Spring Hill, and thus was not unduly concerned with cutting the pike south of town. Hood’s orders suggest an unfamiliarity with the terrain. To add to the confusion, division commanders began to receive conflicting orders from Hood and Cheatham.

While Cheatham’s orders were aimed at an assault on Spring Hill to the north, Hood continued to issue orders orienting movements towards the pike to the west. Hood’s men had made long and exhausting march, they were unfamiliar with the terrain, and it was pitch dark. The tired and confused Confederate army sat down for the night, cooked supper and went to sleep. John Bell Hood later stated that this movement on Spring Hill had been “the best move in my career as a soldier… I was thus destined to behold to naught.”