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The Nocatula Legend ~ The Hackberry and The Oak

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Location: on Coach Farmer Drive east of North Jackson Street (Business U.S. 11), Athens TN
County: McMinn
Coordinates: N 35° 26.793    W 084° 35.639
  35.44655    -84.59398333
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WM168Y


The Nocatula Legend ~ The Hackberry and The Oak

A wounded English officer from Fort Loudon was befriended by an Indian Chief and nursed back to health by Nocatula, daughter of the Chief. The soldier, given the name of Connestoga, “The Oak,” was accepted into the tribe and married Nocatula. A jealous suitor attached Connestoga with a knife. As he lay dying Nocatula confessed her eternal love and plunged a knife into her breast. Buried together, the Chief placed an acorn in Connestoga’s hand and a hackberry in Nocatula’s hand, symbolizing undying love. From these there developed two trees which stood on this spot for 150 years.

Erected by Presented by classes of '51, '54, '57 and Carter Patten.