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World War I Memorial

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Location: on Tennessee Avenue (U.S. 411), Etowah, TN
County: McMinn
Coordinates: N 35° 19.42    W 084° 31.481
  35.32366666    -84.52468333
Style: Mounted **
Waymark: None


World War I Memorial

This monument perpetuates the memory of our beloved countrymen, members of Company L, 117th Infantry, and others who served in the World War from the Third District of McMinn County, who, true to the instincts of their birth, faithful to the teachings of their fathers, constant in their love of country, made the supreme sacrifice in the performance of their duty; who have glorified the great cause of freedom by the simple manhood of their lives, the patient endurance of suffering and the heroism of death; and who, in the darkest hours of the world's conflict, in the hopelessness of the hospital, in the short, sharp agony of the battlefield, found support and consolation in the belief that at home they would not be forgotten. Let Americans of another generation who may in future time pause to read this inscription recognize that when reverses followed reverses, when want displaced plenty, when mourning for the flower of the world's manhood darkened countless homes, when governments tottered and chaos threatened, these men were steadfast and unafraid, unshaken in their patriotism, uncomplaining in sacrifice, true to the cause in which they perished. That these men taught them how to live and how to die, that their sacrifice was not in vain, for we have preserved for our children the priceless treasure of their memories, teaching all that truth, courage and patriotism endure forever.

Our Heros

William H. Eckel ·
Riley S. Amyx ·
Elmer E. Anthony ·
Paul H. Bassler ·
Thomas C. Cagle ·
Albert A. Carlock ·
Rufus W. Chenoweth ·
Charlie Clark ·
Virgil A. Clayton ·
James R. Cooley ·
Charlie Culp ·
Roy C. Curtis ·
Albert D. Cutshal ·
William M. Dobbs ·
John Fischer ·
John W. Fletcher ·
William F. Humphreys ·
Hugh T. Lewallen ·
William R. McKay ·
James T. Michaels ·
Leon J. Nys ·
Jesse Pollard ·
Ira E. Presswood ·
John E. Seaton ·
Elmer Spencer ·
Barney G. Taylor ·
Jake Visage ·
Clarence Williams ·
Miles Woods ·
Walter H Wyatt ·
Charles E. Boone ·
Dewey Ledford ·
Icom Houk ·
Darius Daugherty ·
Robert Daugherty ·
Bryant S. Trew ·
Lewis Adams ·
Edward Gay ·
Ray Liner ·
Oscar W. Vaughn ·
Herbert L. Payne ·
James Carpenter ·
Charles E. Stansbury ·
Paul M. Eaton ·
Charlie Fitch ·
Will F. France ·
Sam B. Kennerly ·
Samuel McGuire ·
Arvel W. Maynor ·
Riley O. Murphy ·
Eugene R. Phibbs ·
Charlie S. Powers ·
Grover C. Propes ·
Zed Snelson ·
Homer Sullivan ·
William A. Taylor ·
Sterling Ward ·
Buford L. Wix ·
John H. Woodward

(left side)
To our living dead "That company of shining souls who gave their youth that the world may grow old in peace."

(right side)
Erected in the year 1922 by the Citizens of Etowah and the Third District of McMinn County.