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Very loth to go on

Marker ID:  
Location: at the Cherokee Removal Memorial Park on Shadden Rd., Birchwood, TN
County: Meigs
Coordinates: N 35° 24.423    W 085° 0.383
  35.40705    -85.00638333
Style: Mounted **
Waymark: None


The detachments approached Walden's Ridge within days of leaving Blythe's Ferry. The climb up the mountain proved difficult. Supplying food to both people and animals became a major problem. Particular hardship accompanied the climb up Walden's Ridge and according to Third Detachment Conductor Jesse Bushyhead, his wagoneers had to "double many of the teams in ascending the mountains." Conductors reported problems during the early days of the march.

"The detachment or the people are very loth to go on, and unusually slow in preparing for starting each morning. I am not surprised at this because they are moving not from choice to an unknown region not desired by them, I am disposed to make full allowance for their unhappy movement."
Elijah Hicks, [Second Detachment] Port Royal near Kentucky line October 24th, 1838

"We encamped at Meadows that night [October 25] and on yesterday travelled sixteen miles to this place. As the teams and people were somewhat fatigued with passing so rapidly over the bad roads we concluded it best to rest here today and tomorrow.....Mr. Bushyhead's Detachment was detained by their oxen being poisoned from eating Ivy and we passed them yesterday. They propose starting on Monday and keeping a day behind us on the road".