Historic Markers Across Tennessee

Kentucky-Tennessee, Montgomery County Line

Marker ID: THC 3C 22
County: Montgomery
Waymark: None


Montgomery County
Established 1796; named in honor of

Col. John Montgomery.

Explored the Cumberland Country in 1777. Participated in the punitive expedition against Dragging Canoe, 1779 and accompanied John Donelson on his river voyage to Nashborough. Signer of the Cumberland Compact, first sheriff of the district and founder of Clarksville. Commanded territorial troops in the Nickajack expedition, 1794. Killed by Indians later the same year.


An Iroquois word meaning Meadow Land. It was visited by Indian tribes from as far west as the Rocky Mountains before 1750. The first white settlement was at Harrodsburg in 1774. Kentucky was the second district west of the Alleghenies to be settled and the first (1792) to become a state.

Erected by Tennessee Historical Commission.