Historic Markers Across Tennessee

Stem Landing

Marker ID:  
Location: 210-260 Graham Dr, Union City, TN
County: Obion
Coordinates: N 36° 26.212    W 089° 4.249
  36.43686666    -89.07081666
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: None


Stem Landing
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Stem Landing is a showcase of just a tiny sampling of great STEM achievements and is dedicated in the hopes that it will help inspire more in the future.

STEM is not a new concept. Human beings have always been scientists, observing the world around us to draw conclusions. the word technology often makes people think of the latest technological advancements, but humans have been using technology since our earliest days on the planet, converting natural resources like stone into simple tools. Time passed an technology improved thanks to the work of engineers that developed new and more efficient ways to do tasks. Math has been around forever, too, with numbers tallies having been found on prehistoric bone.

Over the last several years, educators have used STEM as a focus for curriculum development in an effort to better prepare today's students for tomorrow's jobs. STEM is more than a series of interconnected disciplines, through STEM helps make the modern world possible! Science provides us with a lens to view the world and a method for testing our observations. Technology gives us capabilities beyond our natural limits. Engineering and math work together to make many of those technologies possible.