Historic Markers Across Tennessee

Rhea - Roane County Line

Marker ID: THC 1F 20
County: Rhea
Waymark: None


Rhea County
Established 1807; named in honor of

John Rhea.

Revolutionary veteran who fought at King's Mountain. Delegate to the North Carolina Convention which ratified the U.S. Constitution; member of the Tennessee Constitutional Convention, 1796, State House of Representatives, 1796-97 & of the U.S. House of Representatives, 1803-15 & 1817-23. One of the early leaders in higher education.

Roane County
Established 1801; named in honor of

Archibald Roane.

Governor of Tennessee, 1801-03; Member of Constitutional Convention, 1796; Judge of Superior Court of Law and Equity, 1796-1801; Judge of Supreme Court of Errors and Appeals, 1815-19.

Erected by Tennessee Historical Commission