Historic Markers Across Tennessee

Rutherford - Coffee County Line

Marker ID: THC 3A 3
County: Rutherford
Waymark: None


Rutherford County

Established 1803; named in honor of

of Maj. Gen. Griffith Rutherford

of the Revolutionary Army; appointed by President Washington as a member of the Legislature for the Southwest Territory, which later became the State of Tennessee.

Coffee County
Established 1836; named in honor of

Major General John Coffee.

Governor of Tennessee, 1835-39; Member of Congress, 1814-17 and 1821-27; Served in Creek War and War of 1812. Soldier, surveyor, and close friend of Andrew Jackson. Tennessee troops under his command took a decisive part in the New Orleans Campaign, December 23, 1814 to January 8, 1815.

Erected by Tennessee Historical Commission