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Bum Proof Stockade ~ Fortress Rosecans

Marker ID: NPS 
Location: in the Redoubt Brannan section of the Stones River National Battlefield West College Street, Murfreesboro, TN
County: Rutherford
Coordinates: N 35° 51.538    W 086° 24.578
  35.85896666    -86.40963333
Waymark: None


Those things [you see] inside the fort ... this shape + ... are bum [bomb] proof stockades. The outside line is heavy oak timer hewn on 3 sides ... about 10 feet high. The timber is .. set up end ways and firmly secured .... The top is first covered over with 4-inch plank and then about 3 feet of dirt. In the sides are port holes for infantry to fire through. It is almost impossible to dislodge infantry from them.
Alpheus S. Bloomfield, private
1st Ohio Light Artillery, Battery A

Life inside a bum proof
...wee have platforms of plank to Sleep on Some 3 feet off the ground wee got plenty of rations beef 2 days a week fresh bakers bread every morning...
James H. Jones, private
57th Indiana Volunteer Infantry, Company E

You are here
You are standing in the sally port for Redoubt Brannan. This sole entry way looked west toward the riverbank because the chances were small that enemy raiders might quickly ride across the river and up the rock-strewn slope.

Erected by Stones River National Battlefield - National Park Service - U.S. Department of the Interior.