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The American Black Bear

Marker ID: NPS 
Location: n Banner Road (US 321), Gatlinburg, TN
County: Sevier
Coordinates: N 35° 43.998    W 083° 31.296
  35.7333    -83.5216
Waymark: None


The American Black Bear·
Great Smokey Mountains National Park

Between 400 and 600 black bears live in the park, and you could see one almost anywhere. Most bears stay in the backcountry where they feed on grass, leaves, and acorns, fruits, berries, rodents, and carrion. Only a few visit roadsides and developed areas.
Remember---bears are wild animals. Enjoy watching them from a distance. It is unlawful to feed or tease them.

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Mature black bears weigh about 200-300 pounds, but individuals nearly twice that size have been reported.
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Persons who feed bears, or approach them too closely, risk being bitten or clawed. Bears become more aggressive when fed. They tend to lose their fear of people, and they stand a greater chance of being hit by cars or killed by poachers.

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